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Allen Prepares for $1M in Street, Alley Repairs
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Construction crews will tackle nearly forty areas with aging, cracked or failing pavement as part of the city’s annual rehabilitation program. Allen’s Community Services Department routinely assesses the condition of local streets and alleys to prioritize repairs. By removing and replacing failing concrete panels, the life span of the roadway is extended. The 2017 projects include numerous repairs along Bethany Drive east of US 75, and McDermott Drive between Alma Drive and Custer. See map. Allen City Council approved a $1 million contract with SAZ Infrastructure during the June 27 meeting, following a competitive bidding process. The repairs will be funded by general obligation bonds and the city’s solid waste fund.
Is Your Irrigation System SMART?
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You can save water (and money) by investing in a SMART irrigation system. The City of Allen even offers a rebate program to help cover installation costs! Instead of relying on preset timers, SMART irrigation systems automatically adjust watering based on rain, soil moisture, evaporation and plant water use. “I’ve seen cases where homeowners are watering every day of the week, simply because they’re oblivious to their sprinkler settings,” says Gail Donaldson, water conservation manager for the City of Allen . “It’s hard for the average homeowner to know there’s a problem until they get a high water bill.” Sprinkler use accounts for up to 60% of Allen’s water use during summer months. To help residents conserve, the city offers a rebate to help offset the cost of retrofitting your existing sprinkler system with SMART irrigation technology. “Residents will tend to keep using a controller that is no longer functioning properly just to avoid the cost of replacement,” says Donaldson. “Our rebate helps the resident upgrade to a SMART controller, by rebating part of the cost as a credit to their utility account. The SMART controller typically will reduce water use in sprinkler systems by as much as 30% annually.” Allen residents are eligible to receive a 50% rebate (up to $125) for installing qualifying SMART irrigation technology. Visit CityofAllen.org/Rebates to apply. Rebate offerings are subject to yearly budget constraints and may be put on hold once the budget is consumed. Residents must call 214.509.4559 to pre-qualify all SMART irrigation products before purchase in make sure the product qualifies for the rebate program. Smart Irrigation Month is an initiative of the Irrigation Association, the national trade association for irrigators. You can learn more about SMART irrigation at Irrigation.org.
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Learn how to improve your local flower bed soil conditions, and shrubs and trees native to NTX.
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Have you observed a street light that is not working in StarCreek? On all the time? Totally out? Leaning? Other issue? The city of Allen owns, maintains and repairs these lights.

Streetlight issues can be reported online by using the MyAllen App available for iOS and Android. For additional information or to obtain the status of a reported streetlight issues, please contact the Engineering and Traffic Department at 214.509.4576.
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When something occurs in our neighborhood that needs attention from our property manager, please send it via email to reportit@starcreekhoa.com.
New texting-while-driving ban goes into effect Sept. 1
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In an effort to sew up the various patchwork pieces of local ordinances related to texting while driving, Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law a statewide ban on Tuesday. He announced the bill’s signing at a press conference that called for a special session and included a related charge in his speech.
Even though Abbott did sign House Bill 62 into law, he said he wanted lawmakers to go further by passing legislation that would nullify all current local texting-while-driving ordinances currently in place. This would leave Texas with just one piece of legislation that would regulate the practice from a statewide level.
Until Abbott gets his desired piece of legislation passed, Texans will continue to be regulated by individual local ordinances and the new bill that will go into effect Sept. 1. The signed bill will prohibit drivers from texting while driving—including reading, sending or writing a text message—unless the vehicle is not moving.
First offenses are punishable as a misdemeanor with a fine of $25-99. Subsequent offenses are punishable by fines of no more than $200. Exceptions are allowed to use GPS, read an emergency message, report illegal activity, summon emergency help, or enter information into a map or traffic application.
New Allen ISD Lowery Freshman Center to be completed by August 2018
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Construction began Oct. 5 on the new Allen ISD Lowery Freshman Center across from the existing center at 601 E. Main St., Allen. The new 313,000-squarefoot center is expected to be complete by August 2018 and will replace the existing Lowery Center. 

Once the new center opens, AISD will tear down the old center and turn the property into a parking lot. 972-396-6975. 

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Our Online Help Desk gives you a quick way to report issues or find answers about city services. You can enter a service request or report an issue online 24/7 or search our KnowledgeBase for answers to our most frequently-asked questions. 

Benefits for Residents:
Easily report about issues like barking dogs, abandoned vehicles, overgrown trees, unsafe sidewalks, graffiti or potholes. 
Search our KnowledgeBase for frequently-asked questions or ask your own. 
Issues are automatically delivered to the right staff member—no need for residents to go to city hall or spend time on the phone. 

Mobile App:
If you are reading this from a mobile device, consider downloading our mobile app, MyAllen. The app contains the same features as the Online Help Desk, with options to attach a photo or include a GPS location of the issue.
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