Posted on Jun 25, 2020

The Star Creek Board has reviewed all the feedback received after the release of the revised waiver. The revised version has been produced by the HOA lawyer who took into consideration all the feedback and suggestions provided to us in the last two weeks. Whereas many concerns were addressed and resolved, some of them were not and the final version is purely based on the legal advice we received from the attorney. We understand it is not perfect, however, this is the final version and no more edits will be made.    Residents who desire to utilize the pool and other amenities must sign the waiver in order to obtain the access code. HOA Members that have signed the prior waiver, will have the opportunity to sign the new one, voiding the older one. The revised waiver is available on the HOA website. The signed waiver must be returned to Once the form is submitted, please allow up to 24 hours for processing and response with the code.
For any further questions please contact Shelly Hughes at CMA at 972-943-2870 or
We remind everyone that sharing the code with residents that are not part of your own household is strictly forbidden and will lead to loss of amenities use. Also, at this time we have a no guest/residents only policy in place. Over the last couple of weeks, we have received many documented reports concerning code sharing (even to strangers/non-residents), unaccompanied/unsupervised minors, including large groups of teens (likely not from the same household) using repeated inappropriate language and not abiding by the safety measures required. As mentioned in a prior communication, the board has approved the implementation of an electronic access key system. There are some logistical challenges related to the installation that may affect the usability of the pool for a very limited time, potentially affecting a weekend day (Sunday). In order to minimize the impact (given the already shortened season), the board had decided to postpone installation after the pool season is over. In light of the recent incidents, the board has reversed the decision and has requested the implementation of the new system as soon as possible. Instructions on how to obtain access will be provided in advance via direct CMA email, message board, and Facebook posting. The waiver requirement remains in effect and access will NOT be granted to households that have not signed a waiver.
The Star Creek Board
Michelle Rabalais, President – 225-276-8811
Rick Fergesen, Vice President – 817-300-0712
Morris Mitchael, Treasurer – 903-235-9737
Karen O’Connor, Secretary - 469-667-9470
Mauro Schiavon, Director at large – 785-550-5869