Posted on Jan 14, 2012

Allen's Planning and Zoning Commission will meet Tuesday, Jan. 17, at 7 p.m. to consider a request to amend the concept plan and development regulations for Watters Village, the shopping strip located at the southeast corner of Stacy Road and Watters Road. The developer is also proposing a drive-through at the east end of one building on the property.
The Commission will also consider a request to adopt a concept plan and amend the development regulations for the property located at the northeast corner of Stacy Road and Watters Road, adjacent to StarCreek. The developer is requesting:
• The allowance of a drive-through (with conditions) for one building.
• Two points of access on Stacy Road
• Perimeter screening consisting of the existing 6.5 foot masonry wall and landscaping. The applicant is proposing to provide shade trees and shrubbery along the northern and eastern property line in lieu of replacing the 6.5 foot wall with an 8-foot masonry wall. City staff believes this is a reasonable request.
For complete information including preliminary design, view these documents.