Posted on Feb 7, 2012

At a public hearing on Jan. 17, the City of Allen Planning and Zoning Commission considered development regulations for the shopping center to be located on the northeast corner of Stacy Road and Watters Road. The developer of the 3.76-acre lot, adjacent to StarCreek, had requested:
• The allowance of a drive-through for one building;
• Two points of access on Stacy Road;
• Perimeter screening consisting of the existing 6.5 foot masonry wall and additional landscaping.
The Concept Plan showed four  lots for retail and office uses. Lot 1 lists retail/restaurant uses with a provision for a drive-through. Three access points to the retail center were proposed – one off of Watters Road and two points off of Stacy Road. City standards allow only one access point on Stacy Road. As a result of detailed review,  a left turn lane will be constructed for east-bound Stacy Road traffic to access the property.
An existing 6.5-foot masonry screening wall and a 2-foot retaining wall follow the northern and eastern property lines. The developer proposed shade trees and shrubbery along these property lines in lieu of replacing the 6.5-foot wall with an 8-foot masonry wall. City standards mandate landscape screening of 8 feet. City staff contended that the existing wall and additional landscape screening would sufficiently meet this requirement.
Buildings will be one story and approximately 26 feet in height, made of a combination of stucco, brick and stone. Staff recommended approval with the added regulation that a restaurant with drive-through use be prohibited.

Several StarCreek residents offered support for the concept plan, but several spoke in opposition, citing concerns about:
  • Traffic safety at the Watters Road entrance/exit driveway
  • Insufficient screen wall height
  • Landscaping affected by water restrictions
  • Building height in relation to adjacent home elevations
  • Restaurant drive-through
  • Security related to a bank building
  • Odors from restaurant
  • Location of dumpsters
City staff suggested restricting the drive-through to retail only. They pointed out that screening trees must be evergreens and that an alley and rear entry driveways would provide a way to locate dumpsters at the back of the site. No median will cut across from the Watters Road access point. The commission unanimously adopted the concept plan for the property with the amendment that a restaurant drive-through is prohibited.