Posted on Apr 1, 2013

Allen Community Outreach is expanding the services and food choices at its pantry with the addition of a nutrition and nourishment center. This will include a healthy foods section, a larger fresh produce section, educational area, cookbook library, cooking demonstrations, and tastings while families shop.
The pantry's goal is to increase the number of healthy food options families can choose from when shopping at the pantry. When donating, consider low sugar items, foods with whole grains, low sodium items and foods that are transfat free. The pantry needs donations of healthy cooking cookbooks and magazines. In StarCreek, you can leave them on a food pantry volunteer's front porch at 935 Scotia Dr.
If you are a gardener with more than you can consume, remember the food pantry when you are harvesting your fresh food. The pantry can provide a tax receipt for you. It also has cold storage if needed.