Posted on Apr 8, 2013

StarCreek volunteers planted 16 flats of annual flowers, plus approximately 30 perennials at the entrance to the pool area. Now that we have received some rain and as the weather warms, Mother Nature can take over and produce some beautiful blooms for all to enjoy during the pool opening and other events scheduled throughout the summer. The red, white, and blue petunias in the half-circle should be dazzling for the July 4th parade and party.  
Eight different plant nurseries were visited to price various flowers in an attempt to get as many flowers as possible with the allocated funds. A total of 23 hours of labor went into planting approximately 350 annual and perennial flowers.
Here’s what was planted:
Multi-colored Zinnias around the arches (5) of each walkway to the pool entrance with yellow Daisies as a backdrop in several of the arches.
Red Dianthus along the side walk leading from the club house to the pool gate (between the multi-colored Zinnias).
Yellow and Orange and Red Marigolds with Red Verbena as a backdrop along the right side of the walkway leading up to the pool gate.
White Candy Tuff with Red Verbena as a backdrop along the left side of the walkway leading up to the pool gate.
Red, white, and blue Petunias (should put on a good show for July 4th) along the sidewalk of the half-circle flower bed with violet Petunias as a border going around the upper portion of the circle. Yellow daisies are planted in the center of the half-circle.
Perennials that were planted along the dry creek bed:

Oxalis – pink
Russian Sage – light blue/lavender
Paprika Yarrow – yellow
Stone Crop sedum – pink/rust
Mexican Mint Marigold – yellow
Black Foot Daises – white
Weeping Love Grass – tan
Artemisia Powis Castle (Wormwort) – Ornamental silver green bush
Multi-colored Moss interspersed between other plants along the dry creek bed