Posted on Apr 22, 2013

As the weather warms, many of us will be doing spring cleaning inside our houses while others will be outside cleaning out the flowerbeds and planting nice colorful spring plants. While outside, also take a walk around your house to see what else needs attention. Check for weed control, condition of the fence, sidewalk, driveway, retaining wall, if applicable, items outside the fence that need to be moved onto your property behind the fence or discarded, and trees that need to be trimmed or replaced.

In accordance with the declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR’s) for StarCreek, owners shall maintain their lots and all landscaping, structures, parking areas, sidewalks, and other improvements within the boundaries of the lot. Such maintenance includes:       
  • Proper seeding, mowing, and watering of all lawns;
  • Pruning of all trees and shrubery;
  • Prompt removal of all litter, trash, refuse and waste;
  • Watering all landscape;
  • Keeping exterior lighting in working order;
  • Keeping lawn and garden areas alive, free of weeds and attractive;
  • Promptly replacing dead plant material with material of a like size and type as required upon the initial installation (e.g. If a 3” caliper tree was required of the builder when the home was originally built, the Owner would only be required to replace that dead tree with another 3” caliper tree regardless of the actual size of the tree at the time of replacement).
  • Keeping sidewalks and driveways in good repair and condition;
  • Promptly repairing any exterior damage; and
  • Complying with governmental and police requirements.