Posted on Apr 22, 2013

No trees or shrubs, except for those which are diseased or dead or create a safety hazard, shall be removed except in strict compliance with the Design Review Guidelines and upon prior approval. Violators may be required to replace the removed tree with one or more comparable trees. 
In accordance with the StarCreek Modification Committee Guidelines, if you have a basketball goal and backboard, the system must be located so a ball will not be thrown into an adjacent StarCreek house, yard, street, or alley. The system must never be placed in any street, alley, or cul-de-sac. The system must be located on owner’s property at all times.
All retaining walls must be constructed of stone or brick, (the same natural stone used in the common areas). Side yard retaining walls are the responsibility of the high-side lot owner.
If you are planning on having relatives and friends who own an RV visit during the summer, parking will be allowed for a maximum of 10 days with Board approval. Personal recreational items such as trailers, recreational vehicles, boats, inoperable vehicles, etc. belonging to the owner must be stored in an enclosed garage. However, temporary street/driveway parking of recreational vehicles for up to 72 hours will be allowed for the purpose of loading and unloading.

If you install a security system sign, it must be one of professionally fabricated sign indicating a security system/security monitoring. Owners may display personal signs indicating school/sport affiliations and birth announcements provided such signs do not deter from the general aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood. Birth announcements, however, should be removed within 31 days following the birth. All signs must follow the City Of Allen ordinances. Signs intended to advertise homeowner’s commercial products or services are not allowed. Any signs posted in common areas or on common fixtures other than to advertise an “open house” must have prior consent from the HOA Board of Directors./