Posted on May 18, 2011

StarCreek homeowners are reminded that the Annual Meeting of the StarCreek HOA will be held next Wednesday, May 25, at 6:30 p.m. (sign-in begins at 6 p.m.) at the Hampton Inn on Stacy Road. Any homeowner may attend this meeting, where the board will discuss a number of topics including City of Allen Planning and Zoning issues, the impact of pending legislation regarding the dilution of homeowner association authority, StarCreek common area landscape and maintenance issues, and future development plans for StarCreek.
Homeowners who are looking for notification of the general meeting and/or proxy forms should know that notifications sent for the past two years were sent in error, a mistake for which the Board apologizes.
StarCreek HOA is set up so that elected Village Representatives/Voting Members cast a block of votes for the property owners they represent. For example, if Village A Representative represents 100 homeowners in her village, her vote counts as 100 individual votes. Per StarCreek HOA ByLaws, “Notices shall be delivered . . . to each Voting Member entitled to vote.” These voting members are Leena Prabhu (Village A), Sherry Jarrett (Village B), Linda McCormack (Village C), Michelle Borne (Village D), Patrick Schrieber (Village E), and Art Harvey (Homeowner Board Member). The only time the general membership votes is for the election of Village Reps/Voting Members. Terms for representatives of Villages B, C and D expire in August.
StarCreek HOA bylaws (Page 1, Article II, Section 3, Annual Meetings) state that “Meetings shall be of the Voting Members or their alternates.” A quorum will be met with the presence of just one Voting Member/Village Rep (must have 15% of StarCreek population represented).
For more information, contact your Village Representative. Click on Village Reps in lefthand navigation pane.