Posted on Jul 4, 2013

No modification to a StarCreek property can occur without prior approval of the Modification Committee. Changes to the fenced area of our yards do not need approval as long as the changes cannot be seen from the street.
If it can be seen due to the height of the change such as awnings or play equipment or the modification is on a corner lot with open wrought iron fencing, approval is needed. The request form is available on our website by going to the "Documents Library" link. HOA regulations and other guidelines are available through the same link. You may find it helpful to review the language related to fences, driveways and dog runs in the latter documents. The review will assist you in completing your Modification Request form.

Check your fence. Are there boards that need to be replaced? Does the fence need to be power-washed and re-stained? This action does require approval by the HOA Modifications Committee. The most efficient modification request is one submitted at, but you can also mail or fax a downloaded form. HOA-approved color is Ready Seal Wood Stain Medium Brown (Pecan) OS-015B. Cost is about $100/five gallons. Ready Seal is not available at Lowe’s or Home Depot, but you can purchase it at the following local merchants. Keep in mind that none of these businesses -- which cater to wholesale customers -- are open on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Binford Fence Supply, 300 N. McDonald St., McKinney
  • Master Halco, 205 Wilcox, McKinney
  • Frisco Wholesale Lumber, 9100 John W. Elliott Dr., Frisco
  • Northside Fencing, 4000 Griffin Rd., Frisco
  • Ready Seal Inc., 1440 Hwy. 121, Lewisville
You can also purchase online at, but shipping is costly.