Posted on Jul 5, 2013

StarCreek residents play an important role in keeping our pool safe for all. Here are some common-sense suggestions from residents:
  1. When you open the gate, make certain it closes behind the last member of your family or group. If it's a neighbor you don't know, close the gate and let them enter the code. They will understand.
  2. If you see a child swinging on the gate, politely introduce yourself and remind the parent and child that our HOA dues pay for the costly repairs.
  3. Do not share the gate code with anyone who is not a StarCreek resident. Having to change the code can be an additional expense to the homeowners' association.
  4. If you see vandalism, especially while it is occurring, please report it to the police immediately.
  5. In a true emergency -- especially related to possible drowning, call 911, or use the call box. When you press the call box button, it rings straight to 911 operators. Per City Code, the box is situated so that it can be accessed from outside or inside the pool gates. If you use the call box for any other reason than an emergency, the StarCreek HOA may be charged.
  6. If you wish to report someone trespassing, here is the protocol:
  • Resident identifies trespasser.
  • Resident asks trespasser to leave.
  • Trespasser does not leave.
  • Resident calls non-emergency dispatch at 214-509-4321.
  • Police are dispatched.
  • Resident and trespasser must sign notice of trespass.
  • The next time the same person is caught trespassing, he or she is arrested.