Posted on Aug 10, 2015

StarCreek homeowners will be allowed to install solar panels, under a new law set to go into effect Sept. 1. Residential developments with more than 50 homes cannot ban or restrict homeowners from installing solar panels, even while new homes are still being built, according to legislation recently signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott. The new law was applauded by alternative energy advocates.
“It means that more homeowners can access their basic right to free energy coming from the sun,” said Kaiba White, energy policy and outreach specialist for Public Citizen Texas. StarCreek residents seeking solar panel installation must still go through the HOA’s approval process.
Revised Modification Guidelines are in the process of being reviewed by the StarCreek HOA board. In addition to solar panels, the guidelines address attic ventilators, rainwater harvesting devices, permanently installed electric stand-by generators, and retractable and umbrella-type clotheslines. Once approved, the new Guidelines will be available for resident use.